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Bodies of the Department

There are three bodies: the Head of the Department, the Board and the Committee.

Head of the Department

The Head represents the Department, promotes its activities and is responsible for its functioning. He convenes and presides all the meetings of the Board and the Committee. He also ensures that decisions are implemented, manages relations with the University Management Board and exercises all other powers conferred by law, statute and regulations. The Head of the Department, if he is unable to perform his duties or absent, is substituted by the Deputy-Head and is assisted by the Administrative Manager in the running of the Department. 

Head: Roberto Corradini

Deputy-Head: Andrea Sgoifo

Administrative Manager: Michele Ramigni

The Board

The departmental Board is the body that deliberates the programming and management of the department activities, in accordance with law, statute and university regulations.


  • All Departmental Teaching Staff
  • Technical and Administrative Staff Representatives
  • Student Representatives
  • Administrative Manager who has the added role of Minutes Secretary at the Board meetings


The Committee

The departmental Committee is an executive body that supports the Head in carrying out the functions entrusted to him. The Committee assists the Head with the preparation of the measures to be presented to the Board and in the general running of the Department.


  • Director
  • Unit Coordinators
  • Teaching Staff Representatives
  • Technical and Administrative Staff Representative
  • Student Representative
  • Administrative Manager who has the added role of Minutes Secretary


“Quality Control” Departmental Bodies

Further information regarding the individuals involved in ‘Quality Control’ procedures can be found at the following link:

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