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Doctorate in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology

The PhD program in a nutshell. The doctoral program in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology aims at preparing experts on biological diversity and its evolution, animal behavior, and relationships of all living beings, including humans, among them and with the environment. The doctoral program is promoted by the scientific community of three different universities: University of Ferrara, University of Florence and University of Parma, where highly qualified research groups, are actively engaged in the following areas (curricula):

  1. Plant biology and biotechnology
  2. Ecology and ethology
  3. Genetics and Evolution


Application for a PhD position - PhD position are limited. In order to enroll in the doctoral course, candidates must submit an application in the call published in web page of Parma University. The call is expected in July each year. The selection criteria are based on CV and interview. More details are available at https://en.unipr.it/studying/research-doctorates.

Admission criteria - For admission to the doctorate, a master degree is required according to the current law or equivalent qualification obtained under  previous regulations, or equivalent qualification obtained abroad. The possession of a degree in science is a preferential title.

PhD student activity - The course and scholarships last three years. At the beginning of the first year, PhD students are assigned one tutor who supervises research and education  activities. The doctoral activity includes:

  • research activity within one of the research groups of the three universities;
  • disciplinary and interdisciplinary courses, seminars and schools, specifically set up for the doctorate;
  • training and research activities in qualified international research institutions.

PhD students are also allowed to provide support to teaching in undergaduate and graduate courses, and to contribute scientific disseminations.


Title awarding - For the achievement of the PhD title, at the end of the three years, the PhD student has to submit a docotoral thesis. The thesis is reviewed by two experts, non members of the doctoral board. If approved,  the candidate is admitted to defend the thesis in front of an expert committee.

  • Duration: 3 years
  • Head office of doctoral cycles 34-36: University of Parma
  • Department: Chemistry, Life Sciences and Environmental Sustainability (https://scvsa.unipr.it/en)
  • Doctoral school: Biology, food science and pharmacy
  • Coordinator of thedoctoral program: prof. Pierluigi Viaroli
  • Associated universities

Università degli studi di Ferrara, local coordinator Prof. Guido Barbujani (http://docente.unife.it/guido.barbujani/)

Università degli studi di Firenze  local coordinator Prof. Alessio Mengoni (https://www.unifi.it/p-doc2-2020-200010-M-3f2a3d2f362930-0.html )

  • Agreements with intenational institutions for the double title release: University of Klaipeda, Lituania, Klaipėdos universitetas,  coordinator  Darius Daunys
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