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Duties and deadlines

Tutor assignement

At the beginning of each doctoral cycle, each PhD student is assigned one of the topics issued in the admission notice, in agreement with one member of the doctorate board, acting as a tutor. Non-members can be also involved as external expert, for co-tutoring the PhD student. The tutor takes the responsibility of supporting and controlling the PhD student activities.


Training and research

The doctoral activity consists of three main activities.

  1. Research project. It is carried out in one of the three universities under the tutor guidance. Periods abroad, in qualified universities and research institution,are warmly recommended and supported with the economic contribution to supplement the scholarship.
  2. Training activity (link a 4. offerta didattica_ciclo36_ENG).
  3. Support to teaching activities in the undergraduate and master programs of the universities, where the PhD student is housed.


Rights and duties of doctoral students

The PhD student is requested to perform the research project and to maintain a collaborative relationship with the supervisor, to whom he must periodically report on training activities and research developments. The main duties are to

- attend the training activitiesoffered by the doctorate program; however, the student is allowed to submit for approval a personal training plan, in compliance with the contents and credits foreseen by the official plan;

- submit the annual report approved by the tutor to the doctorate board, which summarizes the main research  results and other activities;

- to present the research outcomes in seminars organized annualy by the board.


Final exam and scientific productionThe scope of the research activity is to draft the thesis and disseminate the results through scientific publications, presentations at conferences and workshops.The intermediate reports and the final paper are assessed by the doctorate board, with the support from independent reviewres. Admission to the final exam is subject to the successful outcome of the thesis review.PhD students are encouraged to publish research results in international journals. The excellence grade is reserved only to the PhD student who have two papers, as first author, published or accepted for publication in international journals indexed WoS or SCOPUS ,.As regards the methods of the final exam, please refer to Ministerial Decree No. 45 of 8/2/2013 and to the consequent regulations of the universities concerned.For theses in co-tutorship for double title release, please refer to the existing agreements (link with the Klaipeda University agreement).


Doctorate regulation: https://www.unipr.it/node/21035

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