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Teaching Offer

The training activity is scheduled by the doctorate board for each cycle and composes of linguistic, informatics and statistics skills, and specific disciplinary courses. Specific activities are designed for research management, knowledge of European and international research programs, and intellectual property (courses offered for PhD students are reported in tables 1-5, doctoral cycle XXXVI). The offer consists of:

a) courses on interdisciplinary and complementary skills, specifically designed or borrowed from doctoral schools

b) specific courses e.g. specifically designed for each curriculum

c) courses borrowed from other doctoral courses

d) participation in national and international workshops and schools

e) attendance of seminars and conferences

The PhD student has to aquire 20 credits, of which at least 3 from interdisciplinary and complementary skill and 3 from disciplinary ones. The remaining credits are for the free choice. .


The training activity provided in the first academic year in the three locations is briefly summarized.

University of Ferrara

Delta International Summer School (DISS) "Planned Heritage, Managed Heritage", Comacchio 10-15 June 2019 - 48 hours - Romeo Farinella, Elisa Anna Fano.

School on Scientific Communication - How to communicate the results of a research to colleagues, press officers, journalists, citizens - Department of Science and Biotechnology of the University of Ferrara. 10-12 October 2019 - 18 hours - Giorgio Bertorelle, Mirko Pinotti, Marco Bresadola, Luisa Giari, Dario Balestra

English - Reading (16 hours - 5 credits), Dr. Amy Louise Dobson,

Scientific English "English for stem" (17 hours - 5 credits), Dr. Claudia Cherubini

Protection and enhancement of research results (19.5 hours - 5 credits)


University of Florence

  1. Course on R for PhD students – (16 h, May 2019) G Santini, F Rovero
  2. Writing, publishing, presenting and searching scientific literature" - 12h (2 credits) - Penna et al.
  3. Writing, publishing, presenting and searching scientific literature" - 12h (2 credits) - Luparelli et al.


University of Parma

  1. International Summer School “A primer in ecological networks-Data and Theory” 18-20 June 2019 (24h, 3 crediti) - A. Bodini (coord)

During the current academic year (2019-20) a 3 credit course on Ecological statistics with R was activated, held by prof. Raul Primicerio, Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics, UiT - The Arctic Univ. of Norway, Tromsø, Norway. The course, scheduled on 10-13 March 2020, was postoponed to the second half of June, due to the COVID-19 pandemia.

PhD students of XXXIV cycle are also allowed to access courses offered for the doctoral cycle XXXVI


The scheduled training activity could be changed due to limtations from COVID-19 pandemia.

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