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The ECR Dr. Lara Faccani, PhD in Materials Science and Technology at our Department under the coordination of Prof. Enrico Dalcanale and the supervision of the ASINA Project Coordinator Dr. Anna Luisa Costa and Dr. Simona Ortelli, has won the “ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Challenge Iren 2023” award for the best 10 doctoral theses dealing with the topic of sustainability and ESG challenges.



The PhD in Materials Science and Technology aims to provide graduates in Materials Science, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering with the skills necessary to carry out research activities with a high scientific and professional qualification in the field of Materials Science and Technology at companies, universities or public bodies.


The PhD program is designed to give orientation towards:

  • knowledge of the synthesis and / or growth processes and of the relationships between the structure and the chemical-physical properties of the materials;
  •  the development of modeling and designing new materials;
  •  acquisition of control of process technologies and knowledge of the main diagnostic and analysis techniques.

This knowledge can be aimed at the study, development and application of innovative materials in a wide range of disciplinary fields.


The research activities carried out within the doctoral school fall into two fundamental strands:

  • preparation of new functional materials in view of possible applications in research and/or industry. The materials prepared in the doctoral support laboratories include both traditional (bulk) and nanostructured structures;
  • characterization of materials with the diagnostic techniques available at the facilities that support the doctorate at the University of Parma and at the institutes of the CNR affiliated.

There are also numerous collaborations with other Italian and foreign universities, with several public and / or industrial research centers and in particular at the so-called "large machines" such as the synchrotrons of Trieste and Grenoble.



The places available are limited. In order to be able to enroll in the PhD course, candidates must participate in a competition based on qualifications and exams, and submit an application according to the methods specified in the announcement


The course and the scholarships have a three-year duration. At the beginning of the course, PhD students are assigned a tutor who takes care of their training from a didactic point of view and scientific research activity. The training program provides for PhD students:

  1. research activity within one of the Department's research groups on specific topics indicated in the call for admission to the PhD cycle;
  2. internship periods in external research groups, in Italy or abroad;
  3. a specific advanced and interdisciplinary training with:
  • courses of lectures and seminars within specially prepared educational-training courses,
  • national and international schools on topics related to research topics;
  1. that the research results are published in qualified or patent journals;
  2. the possibility of being involved in teaching support activities and in scientific dissemination and orientation activities.
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